German Dividend Aristocrats (GDA) only got one purpose: information and inspiration. As there is plenty of information about American dividend companies and a big black hole regarding similar data of German companies the site wants to provide this „missing link.“

  • For German investors: GDA wants to grow the equity culture in Germany
  • For European investors: GDA wants to show you interesting companies in Germany
  • For US/Canadian DGIs: GDA wants to offer you financially rewarding alternatives for international diversification
  • For all other international investors: GDA wants to show you an alternative to the well-known and popular US dividend kings

What the site is not:

German Dividend Aristocrats (GDA) is not a professional investment website. In addition the author is not a registered investment adviser. He is no financial professional, he never worked for any brokerage firm and is not on the payroll of any investment company.

He is not linked to any company mentioned on this side – except that he is shareholder of some of the companies. Last but not least: the author does not get any payment or other compensation for creating the information or naming one of the companies.

General information about the use of the information:

Visitors of German Dividend Aristocrats are advised that all the information on these pages are published for information purposes only. None of the information is a recommendation to buy, hold, or sell any shares. Please do your own research before investing your money.

All the information shown about the German Dividend Aristocrats was collected personally by the author. The sources are mainly the investor relations teams of the companies mentioned. Some company data was extracted from the sites of a German online broker (www.comdirect.de) and from financial information sites (i.e. www.finanzen.net / www.boerse.de). The author has built up the data to the best knowledge and belief. There is no guarantuee that it is 100% free of errors. If you find any mistake I am very happy to correct it. Please drop me a line and I will check. If there are any companies missing: please let me know. You can help me optimize these sites.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and help!